Criminal Defense

The Law Firm of Lowell J. Gordon will assist you in your Criminal Defense case with the due diligence to get the results you want. We have defended thousands of clients in Criminal Defense cases and understand how difficult this process can be for you. Any criminal act in any aspect is a detriment to your life and may adversely affect you. Whether it was an accident or mistake, sometimes things just happen. If you are dealing with a DUI, Felony or a Misdemeanor, we are here to assist you and move your case forward to best benefit your interests.

Your case is our first priority. We will focus our efforts reviewing all interviews with witnesses, hunting through all police records and evaluating and documenting all aspects from the scene of the accident to allow you the best defense possible. We will hire our own experts to challenge the prosecution and create a sense of urgency towards resolving your legal woes quickly.

We strongly believe that you should not have to deal with this alone without the appropriate legal counsel to guide you through the criminal court process. You are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

We take pride in having a high success rate for our clients and resolving your Criminal Defense case with a successful outcome. Allow us to assist you today with your current legal situation by contacting The Law Firm of Lowell J. Gordon today in Rockville, MD at 301 251 5400.