Personal Injury

The Law Firm of Lowell J Gordon is here to represent you if you have been hurt by someone else’s negligence Your Personal Injury case needs the appropriate defense and counsel to best represent your current situation. No one should struggle with any physical pains or financial headaches due to the poor actions of someone else. You deserve to be treated fairly and appropriately compensated If you have been seriously injured.

Something as simple as a slip and fall at a grocery store or getting hurt in an auto accident can seriously affect your daily life. Be it a minor or serious injury, your Personal Injury case needs to be resolved. Sometimes an “invisible” injury, such as soft tissue or closed head injuries may seem less pivotal towards attaining a fair and just settlement toward your case. We want to help put your mind at ease knowing that no matter the case, we will defend your interests in a court of law to get you the just results you deserve. Your Personal Injury case is in safe hands with our expertise. We will execute your case to the full extent of the law and attain for you the most compensation that the courts can offer. We will get you justice for your pain and suffering.

If you have had a personal injury, car accident, auto accident or dealing with a wrongful death, contact the Law Firm of Lowell J Gordon today at 301 251 5400. We are located in Rockville, MD and ready to assist you today.